“My dad was born in Iran and when he was a kid his mom would take a handful of yummy goodies and put them in his pocket for when he would walk to school. Today I tossed him a pack of your snacks and he nearly cried. He told me Altitude Snacks are exactly like what his mom used to put in his pocket. Pure raw goodness from when she would dry her own fruit and nuts over a fan in the sun in their backyard. He tells me his mom is inside those snacks and you just got an instant new fan.”

Ben S.
Steamboat Springs, CO

“I just wanted to thank you again for the Altitude Snacks! They are delicious and I love how many different varieties there are! We brought them on our hike this morning and Lucy [dog] enjoyed some of the pear pieces. Thank you!”

Diane & Lucy N.
Vista, CA

“Just finished the first bag of the Alpen Glow. Excellent! Lots of coconut which I love. Just love the overall natural taste.”

Howard M.
Long Beach, CA

“They are terrific. Honestly, with all that’s being sold in the marketplace these days, trying to pass as good trail food, it’s special when you find a brand that is satisfying… I just tried the Mountain Magic on a 6 mile hike near Mt of the Holy Cross today, and I loved it! I am partial to big raisins.”

Paul P.
Westcliffe, CO

“I like it because it doesn’t have all the sugary junky things added. It is more natural. Am taking some on my trip to Paris… and love LOVE your logo and designs and packaging!”

Kathleen C.
Everett, WA

“I love all the snack blends! It has been great to stash a few in the glove box, kiddo’s backpack and computer bag to keep us fueled during the week with a healthy option. Trail Blaze is a family favorite, those big cherries are a hit.”

Melanie T.
Steamboat Springs, CO

“A great company from Colorado offering a great and nutritious snack for all of your outdoor activities! I met these wonderful people at The Denver Merchandise Mart during the Country Christmas gift show and was so excited to purchase their product! I sampled them all and immediately loved them! I can’t wait to take it on my next hiking adventure!! I love that I can fuel my body with wholesome and tasty ingredients! Way to go Altitude Snacks! It was wonderful to meet you, Terry! Happy to support great companies like yours!”

Julie R.
Denver, CO

“The combination of Pears, Pineapple, Currants, Pistachios and Almonds was Outstanding. Being an almond lover, the mix enhanced the taste. Just knowing there were no added sugars and preservatives actually made me feel good about consuming your product. Looking forward to trying more, will explore your website next.”

Tony M.
Joint-Base Andrews, MD

“They came in very quickly after the order was placed and they’re delicious! Almost a little too good as I had some while lounging around and finished the whole bag before I realized it.”

Wesley D.
Berlin, CT

“We met Terry while skiing at Steamboat and sampled his Altitude Snacks. They were definitely premium compared to the sugar-filled trail mix we had bought from the supermarket! We especially liked the dried apricots and pineapple without any sulfites as preservative. The package size was also great for slipping into the jacket pocket while hitting the slopes. Deserves to get a following amongst the ski-set, but also anybody wanting a healthier and tastier alternative.”

James L.
Melbourne, Australia

“A great gluten free, no added sugar or preservatives snack. I always struggle to find a healthy snack and was so happy to find Altitude. Bought a bag when I was skiing at Steamboat yesterday and am finishing it up this morning with my oatmeal.”

Michele D.
via Facebook

“Tried these for the first time today and I’m hooked! The yellow bag is my favorite but they are all so good and unique. The flavor is all natural and delicious! I would highly recommend this product.”

Jody A.
Park City, UT