Brand Ambassadors

Mary Kate Hackworthy

Mary Kate Hackworthy is a 21 year-old ski racer for Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs. She raced for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club for five years before joining CMC. She started skiing at age two and began ski racing in Southern Wisconsin when she was eight. After graduating High School, she took two gap years to fulfill her ski racing goals in hopes of making a Division 1 NCAA ski team. At the beginning of her first gap year, she crashed and tore her ACL and part of her lateral meniscus. After a year spent rehabbing, she returned to racing during her second gap year. This winter she has been racing in FIS races and RMISA races (D-1 skiing). Her recent accomplishments include: 2013 First Place Overall Central Division Chapionships – U14 Women, 2015 U16 CanAm Team, 2016 U19 Nationals Qualifier, 2017 Junior Nationals Qualifier, 2017-2018 RMD All-Star Team and 2020 US Nationals Qualifier. Follow Mary Kate on Instagram @marykatteee.

Catra Corbett

Catra has been running since 1996 and running ultra marathons since 1998. She has run over 300 ultra marathons and 100+ miles more than130 times! Catra has enjoyed an unbroken running streak of almost 8 years. Her favorite running partner is my 9 pound mini dachshund, named TruMan and her new rescue is a mini dachshund puppy named BaXter.

She is the author of a autobiography called,“ Reborn on the run”. Check out her website or Instagram page for more.

Rocky Mountain Sports Women

Rocky Mountain Sports Women is a local organization striving to create a network of women in the Colorado Rockies who are passionate about the outdoors and conservation through hunting and fishing. Follow Rocky Mountain Sports Women on Instagram @rockymountainsportswomen.

George West

Raised as an outdoorsmen, George West is a climber, fly fisherman, and mountaineer. He spends much of his time enjoying these activities up and down the east coast. Soon he will be guiding fly fishing trips on the east coast and in Montana. He loves sharing his passion for our natural resources with others, particularly by educating others on conservation. Follow George on Instagram @gwest9502.

Jess Ferrucci

Jess is a four-time marathoner, 14-time half marathoner, retired ski instructor, yogi (ish?…she tries), hiker, and life-time adventure lover. She works a full-time finance job in NYC, but being raised in upstate NY, her heart will always live in the mountains. After shattering her pelvis while cliff jumping in high school Jess never again took for granted every precious moment to move among the wild. What she lacks in aptitude for moderation (what is sleep?!), she’s made up in the peace she finds cultivating the gratitude she feels from a life of adventure. Follow Jess on Instagram @thehappyrunnerdiaries.

Lauren Fraser

Lauren Fraser has always had a love of the outdoors. She finds peace and comfort in being outside in nature. She thinks it’s something we could all find there given the chance. You can usually find her behind a camera (preferable) or a computer (necessary). It’s also quite possible that Lauren is outside trying to keep up with one of her dogs. Follow Lauren on Instagram @outsidevibe.

Rahim Charania

Rahim Charania is a 36 years old US Army Veteran and an avid mountaineer! His goal is to climb the 7 tallest mountains on the 7 continents. He has climbed 3 so far. He tries to get outdoors and hike the Colorado 14ers as much as he can to keep his body fit for the bigger peaks around the world. He also keeps fit by doing a lot of CrossFit and replenish his nutrients with healthy foods. Follow Rahim on Instagram @rahim.charania6.

Lexi Bullis

Lexi Bullis is an Alpine Snowboarder Racer competing as a USA independent. This past year she competed in the 2018 Junior World Championships in New Zealand and the 2019 World Championships in Park City, Utah. She is competing in the NorAm circuit this year and hopes to qualify for Junior worlds again. Follow Lexi on Instagram @bullis_07.

Josh “Smoove” Stewart

Josh “Smoove” Stewart is a marathoner from New Orleans, LA who was once 287 lbs. He never dreamed of being where he is in his life at this exact moment, but through hard work, dedication, and discipline he got there. As an endurance athlete, he is always in search of good, clean, and refueling snacks for after intense workouts. Follow Josh on Instagram @smoove.stewart.